Typescript Basics

Typescript Basics

I am going to look at the typescript basics, Microsoft was fed up with JS and made TS. The code for this post and similar posts will be in this repo https://github.com/emuroiwa/TS-basics.git

Local Installation

We are just going to get a basic environment setup. Typescript is an Open Source technology. It can run on any browser, any host, and any OS. You will need the following tools to write and test a Typescript program −The TypeScript compiler is itself a .ts file compiled down to JavaScript (.js) file. The TSC (TypeScript Compiler) is a source-to-source compiler (transcompiler / transpiler).

  1. Install Node Js – sudo apt install nodejs
  2. install TS – npm install -g typescript

Then run and install lite-server

npm init 
tsc --init
npm install lite-server --save-dev

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